Why are we not begging for help? – First Methodist Muleshoe, September 13, 2020

First Methodist

Hear the Sunday Morning Worship Service including the message “Why are we not begging for help?” by the Reverend Brooks Morton at the First United Methodist Church of Muleshoe, Texas, on September 13, 2020. Order of Worship: Prelude – Anthony Vickery, Call to Worship – Build Your Kingdom, Welcome and Announcements – Chris Cage, Pastoral Prayer – Brooks Morton, Offertory/Doxology – Marshall Cook, Children’s Corner – Sally Messenger, Sharing Blessings and Celebrations – Terry Marricle, Song of Praise – Praise to the Lord, the Almighty & Breathe on Me, Breath of God, Message: “Why are we not begging for help?” Matthew 9:35-38 – Brooks Morton, Holy Communion, Song of Response – Holy Spirit and Benediction – Brooks Morton.

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