Gil Lamb Advertising History

Gil Lamb broadcasted the first Muletrain News program on March 4, 1954, from Harvey Bass Appliance on Main Street Muleshoe to KICA Radio in Clovis, New Mexico. The first Muletrain News programs were 10 minutes that dealt with only Muleshoe area news. During its two and a half year run on KICA, Arbitron Ratings showed the program was the second highest listened to show in the Clovis market.
The Muletrain News changed stations on July 26, 1956, when Gil Lamb and his wife Olabelle put Muleshoe’s first radio station, KMUL-AM 1380, on the air. The Muletrain continued on KMUL for 24 years until Gil and his daughter Magann Rennels moved it with the assistance of Merlyn Neel to Muleshoe Antenna Company, broadcasting on their cable Channel 6. This occurred on May 12, 1980, when the Muletrain moved back to 1011 West 3rd in Muleshoe, where the Lambs had previously operated the KICA remote studio out of their home. With the help of Magann’s husband Jack Rennels who is an engineer, not only did the Muletrain contain audio, but it also contained locally produced video. The Rennels three sons, Gilrobert, Payton and Greyson grew up working in the family business.
In July 2010 Gil Lamb Advertising made available all of their content free of charge and on demand on their new website and has since made the same content available on their YouTube channel Twitter feed Facebook and In the Spring of 2019 TV’s were installed in the Bailey County Senior Center and in the West Sunroom of the Park View Nursing Care Center that play all of Gil Lamb Advertising’s current content in a constant loop as a courtesy to those visitors to the senior center and residents of the nursing home.  On October 7, 2019, the owners of the analog cable system in Muleshoe, Texas, shut the service down which ended Gil Lamb Advertising’s programming of Channel 6 which occurred for over 39 years on that platform. In the Fall of 2019 a TV that plays all of Gil Lamb Advertising’s content was installed in the community room at the Harmon Elliott Senior Citizens Housing Complex.

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