Muleshoe City Council Meeting Livestream, May 13, 2024

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See the livestream of the Muleshoe City Council Meeting beginning at 5:30p.m. on Monday, May 13, 2024. Items on the agenda include: 1. Consider Resolution R-806-0524 Canvassing returns of the City Special Election held on May 4, 2024. 2. Administer Oath of Office to Elected Mayor. 3. Approval of Minutes a. Council Meeting April 8, 2024 4. Elect Mayor Pro-Tem 5. Consider reappointing members to the Muleshoe Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors. 6. Consider and discuss the Child-Care Facility Property Tax Exemption. 7. Receive Financial Statement for the month ending April 30, 2024. 8. Administrative Reports: a. The city staff participated in a Biggest Loser Challenge again this year. Employees lost a total of 107.8 pounds. b. The Muleshoe Water Park is tentatively scheduled to open May 28th. c. The Youth Fishing Day at Lake Muleshoe will be Saturday, June 1st. d. We are making plans for Movie in the Park for the third Thursday in June, July and possibly August. e. The TML Region III Meeting will be held Thursday June 27, 2024. The City of Muleshoe will be hosting. f. The budget process for 2024 – 2025 has begun. A budget work session will be scheduled for a later date. g. As a result of HB 3834 passed at legislative session, cyber security training is now required by staff and council yearly. This will have to be completed and sent into the Texas Department of Information Resources by June 15, 2024. 9. Mayor and Council remarks. 10. Executive Session Closed Session in Accordance with Vernon’s Texas Codes Annotated, Government, Section 551.072 Real Estate. 11. Consider action, if any, on the executive session. 12. Adjourn.

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