Attitude or Gratitude? – Muleshoe Methodist, June 25, 2023

First Methodist

Hear the Sunday Morning Worship Service including the message “Attitude or Gratitude” by David McAbee from the Muleshoe Methodist Church on June 25, 2023. Order of Worship: Welcome and Announcements – Chuck Smith, Call to Worship – God is Good All the Time, Pastoral Prayer – David McAbee, Offertory/Doxology, Children’s Corner – Lori Bales, Sharing Blessings and Celebrations – Terry Marricle, Songs of Praise – Great is Your Faithfulness and Thank You, Lord, Message “Attitude or Gratitude” Exodus 16:1-12 by David McAbee, Song of Response – 10,000 Reasons, Benediction – David McAbee and Sending Out – As We Go.

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