Dr. Purdy Receives First Covid Vaccine in Bailey County

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See video of Dr. Bruce Purdy receiving the first Covid-19 vaccine shot in Bailey County, Texas, on December 24, 2020, at the Muleshoe Area Medical Center. Kristin Benavides, CNO, and Michael Durben, RN, help to administer the Moderna shot. The first batch of vaccines in the Muleshoe area were delivered to the hospital and K&K Pharmacy where they are working to vaccinate all area medical workers and first responders.
Message from the Muleshoe/Bailey County Emergency about the vaccines and their distribution in the Muleshoe area:  We wanted to update the public on the status of the COVID-19 vaccine in Bailey County. Yesterday, 12/23/20, the first shipments of the Moderna Vaccine were received by K&K Pharmacy and Muleshoe Area Medical Center. Approximately, 200 doses of the vaccine were received. At approximately, 10:15 this morning, the first vaccine was given to Dr. Bruce Purdy. Dr. Purdy encouraged everyone to get their vaccine when their turn comes up.
The order in which these vaccines are distributed and who receives them first are decided by the Texas Department of State of Health Services (DSHS). Initial doses are going to hospital staff and front-line workers. DSHS has sent a tiered system to those administering the doses that they must follow (See link at the bottom). Hospital Administrator Dennis Fleenor stated that he believes this initial batch of vaccines will be enough to vaccinate all front-line workers in Bailey County. He too plans to receive the vaccine but is waiting to take his vaccine once all front-line workers have been vaccinated.
While we are not sure of the exact number, we are expecting another shipment of vaccines prior to the end of the year. We do believe that will be a larger shipment than the one received yesterday. All those administering the vaccine will continue to follow the distribution plan set out by DSHS. We encourage everyone to read the DSHS Vaccination Plan and the Allocation Guiding Principles. (Those links are listed below). If after reading those, any additional questions or concerns individuals have about when they should receive their vaccine should be directed to their health care provider.

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