Muleshoe City Council Meeting March 9, 2020

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See the Muleshoe City Council Meeting held on March 9, 2020, at City Hall in Muleshoe, Texas. Items on the agenda including 1. Approval of Minutes a. Council Meeting February 10, 2020 2. Consider cancellation of May 2, 2020 General Election. 3. Consider appointment of Election judges for the City Special Election to be held May 2, 2020. 4. Consider Resolution No. R-760-0220 RESOLUTION OF THE CITY OF MULESHOE, TEXAS, APPROVING A PROJECT OF THE MULESHOE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, TO WIT: A LOAN OF UP TO $450,000, WITH UP TO $200,000 OF THAT AMOUNT BEING FORGIVABLE, TO TRIPLE NICKLE INC. FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEVELOPING ITS PULSE AND CORN FLOUR MILLING PLANT, CREATING FULL-TIME PRIMARY JOBS IN BAILEY COUNTY, TEXAS; COMPLYING WITH SECTION 505.158, TEXAS LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE; PROVIDING FOR TWO SEPARATE READINGS; OPEN MEETING READING AND ADOPTION, AND AN EFFECTIVE DATE 5. Consider Bid for addition to Fire Department building. 6. Consider request for Hotel/Motel Tax Funds from the Muleshoe RoadRiders for the 38 th Annual Muleshoe RoadRiders Motorcycle Rally. 7. Receive Financial Statement for the month ending February 29, 2020. 8. Administrative Reports: a. Crystal Casto has been promoted to the Street/Refuse Superintendent position. Crystal has been a City of Muleshoe employee since September 2005. b. The city held a wellness clinic on February 25th. We had 30 employees and dependents participate. c. The TML Region III Meeting will be March 26th at the Spirit Ranch in Lubbock. 9. Mayor and Council remarks. 10. Executive Session Closed Session in Accordance with Vernon’s Texas Codes Annotated, Government, Section 551.072 Real Estate. 11. Consider action, if any, on Closed Session 12. Adjourn.

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