Easter V – A Letter from Peter – First Methodist Muleshoe, May 19, 2019

First Methodist

Hear the Sunday Morning Worship Service including the message “Easter V – A Letter from Peter” by the Reverend Tom Carter at the First United Methodist Church of Muleshoe, Texas, on May 19, 2019.   Order of Worship:  Welcome, Announcements & Opening Prayer – Gayla Gear, Opening Hymn – Love Divine and All Loves Excelling,  Songs of Praise – Up from the Grave He Arose and Holy Is the Lord,  Scripture – Acts 11:1-18, Message “Easter V – A Letter from Peter” – Tom Carter, Receiving Tithes and Offerings: Offertory & Doxology – Anthony Vickery,  Song of Response – No Longer Slaves, Benediction – Tom Carter.

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