A Note from Dr. Stacy Conner

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A Note from Dr. Stacy Conner, who was named the Muleshoe Chamber Man of the Year:

In our Baptist tradition, a local church invites a pastor to walk through life with its people.  They ask you to do important things like marry their children and bury their parents.  They ask you to speak a word of “faith” in an unfaithful world.  It is an honor for a pastor when a church asks you to join them in faith and life.

In our case, the honor has doubled as the people of Muleshoe have allowed us to be part of the community as a whole. I would also like to pass along a word of appreciation to the Muleshoe schools.  Our three children spent all 13 years of their preparatory education in this city and went on to enjoy outstanding academic success in their university studies.  Being part of the High School faculty was a blessing in Debbie’s life for more than 20 years.  Thank you for this award and thanks to this community for allowing us to walk alongside all of you.”

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