How You Pray – First Methodist Muleshoe, March 3, 2019

First Methodist

Hear the Sunday Morning Worship Service including the message “How You Pray” by the Reverend Tom Carter at the First United Methodist Church of Muleshoe, Texas, on March 3, 2019.  Order of Worship:  Welcome & Announcements, Opening Prayer – Kelly Kettner, Opening Hymn – O Spirit of the Living God, Sharing Our Celebrations – Terry Marricle, Song of Praise – Sweet Hour of Prayer & Break Thou the Bread of Life, Scripture Reading from Matthew 6:5-13 – Kelly Kettner, Message “How Your Pray” – Tom Carter, Invitation, Confession and Words of Assurance, Receiving Tithes and Offerings, Special “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” – Anthony Vickery, Holy Communion, Song of Response – Your Love is Extravagant, Benediction – Tom Carter, Sending Out – O Spirit of the Living God.  Like the First United Methodist of Muleshoe on Facebook at 

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