New Muleshoe ISD Teachers for 2017-18

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New teachers and staff members at Muleshoe Independent School District for the 2017-18 school year are Jesse Garza (MHS Algebra 2, Coach Football/Track), Shelby Garza (MHS English 2), Ross Johnson (WJHS, Coach Football/Basketball/Track/PE), Titia Johnson (WJHS Art), Jessica Maynerich (WJHS & MHS Band), Ashleigh Harlow (Dillman 1st Grade), Dee Dee Smith (Dillman Music), Summer Jones (Dillman Special Ed), Misty Simmons (Dillman Special Ed Secretary), Christy Wooldridge (MISD Speech Language Pathologist), Jalen Garza (MHS Physics/Coach Football/Basketball/Track), Humberto Gonzalez (MHS Social Studies/Head Boy’s Basketball Coach), Jeorgina Gonzales (Migrant Services Coordinator), Larry Cribbs (MHS Geometry/One Act Play), Colby Trujillo (MHS Biology), Bridgette Wall (MHS IPC/Coach Basketball/Track), Haley Andrews (WJHS & MHS Ag), Mychelle Simms (WJHS Writing 7th Grade), Courtney Ware (WJHS Reading Special Ed), Keri Frost (WJHS Math Special Ed) and Victoria Bomer (WJHS Special Ed).

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