Heavy Rains Hit Muleshoe to End July 2017

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See some video of the heavy rain storms that have hit Muleshoe, Texas, on July 30 & 31, 2017, with our rainfall total at Channel 6 in Muleshoe at 2.02″ over the past 48 hours.  The Muleshoe Mesonet station, 2 miles south of town, received 2.61″ of rain.  Rain chances disappear for a short time mid-week but begin again Thursday and run throughout the weekend and into next week.   Muleshoe received .44″ of rain on Thursday night at Channel 6 and the Muleshoe Mesonet site got .39″.  The Avenue K NWS rain gauge had a total of 3.83″ of moisture for July and a 2017 rain total of 13.33″ as of the end of July and the Muleshoe Mesonet station had 4.24″ for July and a 2017 total of 14.54″ as of the end of month.

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