Muleshoe Art Association Spring Art Show 2017

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See video of the Muleshoe Art Association 2017 Spring Art Show filmed on April 18, 2017, at the AimBank Meeting Room in Muleshoe, Texas. The art show can still be seen through Thursday at AimBank. Muleshoe Art Association President is Martha Hunnicutt and the judge of this year’s show is Jan Lloyd of Lubbock, Texas. Muleshoe Art Association Scholarship was awarded to Emily Precure daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Precure. Best of Show was “Ship Rock” painted by Rob Hollis and the AimBank Purchase Award went to “Mom’s Reading Room” by Joan Nix. Watercolor Division: 1st – “Ceremonial Mask” by John Birdsong, 2nd – “Glorious Fall” by John Birdsong, 3rd – “Creekside” by Margaret Hodgson and Honorable Mention – “Burst of Color” by Lois Snyder. Oils & Acrylics Division: 1st – “Where’s Mama” by Misti Prater, 2nd – “Spring in Ceta Canyon” by Margaret Hodgson, 3rd – “The Eyes of Rupert” by Ruben Armenta, Honorable Mentions – “The King” by Misti Prater and “Forest Path” by Ann Johnson. Photography Division: 1st – “Jet Service” by Stan Blevins, 2nd – “Blue Boat” by Braxton Taylor, 3rd – “Roots” by Braxton Taylor and Honorable Mention – “Taiban” by Braxton Taylor. Pastel Divsion: 1st – “Sunset on the Lake” by Heather Hancock, 2nd – “Old Pete” by Sandi Chitwood, 3rd – “Broken Fence” by Sandra Chancey and Honorable Mention – “God Bless Texas” by Martha Hunnicutt. Misc Division: 1st – “Princess 2 Feathers” by Ed Martinez, 2nd – “Christmas” by Shirley White, 3rd – “Ghost Rider” by Ruben Armenta and Honorable Mention – “Horse Boy” by Shirley White.

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