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Tuesday, April 24th, Muletrain: Obits for Buddy Embry and Bettie Mount, Weather/Rain Chances, Stacy and Debbie Conner Recognized for 27 Years of Service at First Baptist, Muleshoe Chamber Banquet, Early Voting Underway for City Special Election, Lost Dog on Highway 214, Regional Tennis Results, Sharla Stanford Beta Sigma Phi Woman of the Year, Mercy’s Well in Concert at Calvary Baptist, Softball Ends Season Beating Slaton, Baseball vs. Idalou, Rodney Baker for Bailey County Justice of the Peace, Meet Your Neighbor Mourning Doves, Mohawk Auto Parts 50th Anniversary Customer Appreciation Lunch, Senior Transportation Van, Fred Allison Honored for Book by Marine Corp Heritage Foundation, Classroom Teachers Association Scholarship, Prayer List, Free First Responders Luncheon, Sounds of Texas/Teacher and much more!

Sunday, April 22nd, Sermons:  See the message “I Know My Own and My Own Know Me” by Dr. Stacy Conner from the First Baptist Church.  Hear the message  “This is not Burger King” by Brother Jeff Coffman at the Calvary Baptist Church.  Hear the message  “Listening for the Master’s Voice” by the Reverend Tom Carter at the First United Methodist Church.

Hear our Sweetheart program featuring  Terome and Jim Ella Clemmons brought to you by Hereford Feed Ingredients.

Brendon Rodriguez Signs Sports Medicine Scholarship

See Brendon Rodriguez sign a scholarship for the athletic training program at Howard College in Big Spring, Texas on Wednesday morning at the Muleshoe High School Library.  He is introduced by MHS Principal Steve Myatt and the Howard College Head Trainer John Overton speaks before the signing.  Brendon is the son of Ricky and Diana Rodriguez and is accompanied at the signing table by his sister Brenda and will major in Sports Medicine.  The MHS Athletic Trainer is Crystal Miller.

Meet the Mourning Doves

See our video shot over the span of a month during this Spring documenting a pair of Mourning Doves who built a nest in one of our hanging baskets in our backyard.  This is our Meet Your Neighbor program sponsored by United Supermarkets.
3/23/18 Nest built and eggs laid
3/26/18 Camera set up
3/27/18 Light afternoon rain falls on the nest as the male bird appears to really protect the eggs from the rain. Observed first parental shift change this evening on incubating the eggs from father to mother
3/28/18 First morning parental shift change on incubating the eggs filmed from mother to father.
3/28/18 As both parents were in the nest a Eurasian Collared Dove flew into it and ran them both off. A few minutes later one of the parents luckily returned.
3/28/18 Observed parental shift change on incubating eggs during the evening hours.
3/29/18 Eurasian Collared Dove attacked the nest again forcing the smaller male mourning dove to flee but a few minutes later the father returned.
3/30/18 Female mourning dove left the nest and then returned a few minutes later during the morning hours. A few minutes later the male brings nesting material and the female works on the nest. You can see the female peck at the male also which is interesting. An hour later observed shift change incubating the eggs as the male takes over for the female
4/1/18 Evening shift change from male to female
4/2/18 During the morning shift change and observed that one of the eggs maybe broken.
4/5/18 The morning shift change revealed that there was only one egg left in the nest.
4/7/18 Evening shift change between male and female.
4/8/18 Morning shift change and the female dove got up to reveal a broken egg and a new hatchling mourning dove. You can see the male dove removing the egg shell pieces from the nest and flying them away. You can also see the male dove feed the hatchling. The egg took 16 days from the time it was laid to hatch.
4/9-13/18 You can see the parent mourning doves feed the crop milk to a growing hatchling
4/15/18 Around 11pm Sunday night the female mourning dove leaves the nest and doesn’t return until 7am the next morning but the youngster survived the chilly night alone just fine.
4/16/18 You can see the morning shift change on the nest with the male mourning dove feeding the hatchling.
4/18/18 Lots of action in the nest now as the hatchling is beginning to walk and stretch and test out its wings. The mourning dove parents are coming and going more often and sometimes are both in the nest and both gone for extended periods of time. You can see marked growth in the baby which makes it an awkward sight when the parents do try to nest on it.
4/20/18 During a windy and stormy day the new Mourning Dove flew from the nest and unfortunately our camera did not capture the event. The fledgling never returned to the nest even though the parents returned several more times throughout the day.

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