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You have reached the online home of Gil Lamb Advertising in Muleshoe, Texas. We cover news, weather and sports in Muleshoe, Sudan, Amherst and Earth, Texas.  You can find our daily Muletrain News programs, Sweetheart program, and lots of free video on our front page and under our Latest Video link.  Find hours of Muleshoe area football, basketball, track and more of our sports coverage here.

Rain chances and cooler temps for the week ahead in Muleshoe.  Get the forecast here and the radar out of Cannon AFB here.

Tues, July 29, Muletrain News:  Hospital Tree Being Cut Down, Hanna Simmons Benefit Concert, Weather Forecast/Rain Chances, Methodist VBS, Senior Center Board Elections, Calvary Shoe Drive, Harvest Fresh, Bargain Basement, Memorial Park Office Moves, Frozen at Summer Reading Program, Roping Club Meeting, Snell has 40 Grandchildren, Prayer List, Squash Cooking Competition, Goat Farming and much more!

Oldest Tree in Bailey County Cut Down

See video of the massive tree at the Muleshoe Area Medical Center being cut down on Monday by Thompson’s Tree Experts out of Lubbock and our interview with Lee Thompson who tells us he thinks the tree is between 100 and 110 years old.   The tree stands at 45 feet tall and has a 15.8′ diameter around the trunk.  It is believed by many local residents to be the oldest tree in Bailey County.  Get more details in our daily Muletrain News.

See what is going on in Muleshoe!

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