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You have reached the online home of Gil Lamb Advertising in Muleshoe, Texas. We cover news, weather and sports in Muleshoe, Sudan, Amherst and Earth, Texas.  You can find our daily Muletrain News programs, Sweetheart program, and lots of free video on our front page and under our Latest Video link.  Find hours of Muleshoe area football, basketball, track and more of our sports coverage here.

Thurs,  July 24th, Muletrain News:  Obits for Peggy Dent, Jean Crittenden, A.V. Wood and Cynthia Powell, Commissioners Court Agenda, Toscano Flag Football Tournament, Weather Forecast, Prayer List, Birth Announcements, Prayer List, Meet Your Neighbor, Hospital Board Agenda, Throwback Thursday and much more!

Hear our Sweetheart program featuring Judy Lambert who is moving to Lubbock in the near future.

Harvest Fresh Produce Stand in Muleshoe

Harvest Fresh Produce, open Monday-Saturday 9a.m-6p.m., featuring red & yellow watermelons and just in black diamond watermelons grown right here in Texas, huge load of just out of the garden tomatoes.  They also carry fresh squash, zucchini, pinto beans, green beans, black-eyed peas, sweet yellow onions, red onions & super colossal onions, cucumbers, cantaloupes, mangoes, peaches, red potatoes along with russet potatoes that will arrive very soon!  Harvest Fresh is just in front of Barrett Produce east of Muleshoe on Highway 84 and arriving soon they will have okra and sweet corn!

See what is going on in Muleshoe!

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