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Sunday, February 23rd, Sermons:  Hear the Sunday Morning Worship Service including the message “Glory of God” by the Reverend Tom Carter at the First United Methodist Church.  See the message “Kind Words” by Dr. Stacy Conner at the First Baptist Church.  Hear the Sunday Evening Worship Service including the message “…Except…” by Brother Jeff Coffman at the Calvary Baptist Church.

Thursday, February 20th, Muletrain News:   Obits for Joe Crandell, Pedro Pacheco Sr, C.C. Matthews & Dylan Noble, Lady Mules Lose in Bi-District, Senior Center Pancake Breakfast/Garage Sale, Primary Election/General Election Info & Updates, 2nd Grade PE Program, Weather Forecast, Ellis/Allen Shower Selections at Fry & Cox, Wills for Bailey County Sheriff, Senior Center Co-Sponsors of the Week, Prayer List, Sound of Texas/Carthage Long Shot and much more!

Hear our Valentine’s Day Sweetheart program featuring Patti Kent brought to you by Hereford Feed Ingredients.

See the MAHD Board of Directors hold a town hall/special session meeting about a proposed hospital bond election to be placed on the May general election ballot.

February Muleshoe City Council Meeting

See the Muleshoe City Council Meeting held on February 10, 2020, at City Hall in Muleshoe, Texas. Items on the agenda including 1. Approve Minutes of January 13, 2020, Council Meeting 2. Receive the 2018-2019 audit report – Randall L. Field. 3. Receive the Muleshoe Police Department 2019 annual contact data report. 4. Consider Election Services Contract with Muleshoe Independent School District. 5. Consider Election Services Contract with Muleshoe Area Hospital District. 6. Order City General Election to be held May 2, 2020. 7. Order City Special Election to be held May 2, 2020 for the “reauthorization of the local sales and use tax in the City of Muleshoe at the rate of ¼% to continue providing revenue for maintenance and repair of municipal streets. The tax expires on the fourth anniversary of the date of this election unless the imposition of the tax is reauthorized. 8. Consider Resolution No. R-759-0220 Denying SPS Proposed Increase in Rates. 9. Consider Ordinance No. O 518-0220 Amending Article 6.04 of Code of Ordinances. 10. Consider Ordinance No. O 519-0220 Amending Fee Schedule of Code of Ordinances. 11. Consider Resolution No. R-760-0220 RESOLUTION OF THE CITY OF MULESHOE, TEXAS, APPROVING A PROJECT OF THE MULESHOE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, TO WIT: A LOAN OF UP TO $450,000, WITH UP TO $200,000 OF THAT AMOUNT BEING FORGIVABLE, TO TRIPLE NICKLE INC. FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEVELOPING ITS PULSE AND CORN FLOUR MILLING PLANT, CREATING FULL-TIME PRIMARY JOBS IN BAILEY COUNTY, TEXAS; COMPLYING WITH SECTION 505.158, TEXAS LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE; PROVIDING FOR TWO SEPARATE READINGS; OPEN MEETING READING AND ADOPTION, AND AN EFFECTIVE DATE. 12. Consider recommendation of Muleshoe Economic Development Corporation to renew a contract for one year with Leading EDG. 13. Receive Financial Statement for the month ending January 31, 2020. 14. Administrative Reports: a. Juan Flores has been hired as Public Works Director for the City of Muleshoe. Juan assumed that position on January 27th. b. The city will hold a wellness clinic on February 25th for employees and their adult dependents. c. The TML Region III Meeting will be March 26th at the Spirit Ranch in Lubbock. d. Elections update 15. Mayor and Council remarks. 16. Adjourn